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VIDEO DOI: https://doi.org/10.48448/j2jt-m539

technical paper

MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

Emergent phenomena and device applications of 2D magnetic heterostructures

In this talk, we will discuss the fabrication of ultra-thin vdWs magnet CrTe2 layers and prototypical spintronic devices, which can be tuned by the electrical field, the magnetic field as well as the substrate. We will review recent experimental progress on CrTe2 including (1) robust 2D ferromagnetism in CrTe2 ultrathin films; (2) topological Hall effects in CrTe2/Bi2Te3 heterostructures; and (3) giant magnetoresistance in chemically doped CrTe2 compound. References (1) Xiaoqian Zhang, Qiangsheng Lu, Wenqing Liu, Wei Niu, Jiabao Sun, Jacob Cook, Mitchel Vaninger, Paul. F. Miceli, David J. Singh, Shang-Wei Lian, Tay-Rong Chang, Xiaoqing He, Jun Du, Liang He, Rong Zhang, Guang Bian, and Yongbing Xu, "Room-temperature intrinsic ferromagnetism in epitaxial CrTe2 ultrathin films", Nature Communications 12:2492 (2021)

(2) Xiaoqian Zhang, Siddhesh C Ambhire, Qiangsheng Lu, Wei Niu, Jacob Cook, Jidong Samuel Jiang, Deshun Hong, Laith Alahmed, Liang He, Rong Zhang, Yongbing Xu, Steven S-L Zhang, Peng Li, and Guang Bian, "Giant Topological Hall Effect in van der Waals Heterostructures of CrTe2/Bi2Te3," ACS Nano 15, 15710 (2021)

(3) Xiaoqian Zhang, Wenqing Liu, Wei Niu, Qiangsheng Lu, Wei Wang, Ali Sarikhani, Chunhui Zhu, Jiabao Sun, Mitchel Vaninger, Paul. F. Miceli, Jianqi Li, David J. Singh, Yew San Hor, Liang He, Rong Zhang, Guang Bian, Dapeng Yu, and Yongbing Xu, "Self-Intercalation Tunable Interlayer Exchange Coupling in a Synthetic Van der Waals Antiferromagnet," Advanced Functional Materials, 202202977 (2022)


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