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MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

Structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric characterization of Ni2MnSn microwires prepared by Taylor Ulitovsky technique

In this work, we addressed the fabrication of Ni2MnSn glass-coated microwires (mws) by using the Taylor-Ulitovky technique, as well as their structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric (MC) characterization. Apart from the physical characteristics of the material itself, wire-shaped MC materials bring additional features of interest from the viewpoint of refrigeration applications such as an easier magnetization saturation along wire length, and a large surface-to-volume ratio 1. The former may lead to reach a given MC effect value at a lower magnetic field change m0ΔH, whereas the latter allows a high heat-transfer rate with the exchange fluid. Microwires were prepared from a bulk arc-melted ingot of nominal composition Ni2MnSn produced from highly pure elements (≥ 99.9 %). Their average metallic core diameter was 86 µm (as the inset of Fig. 1(a) shows). Their characteristic XRD pattern, shown in Fig. 1(a), was indexed based on a single-phase austenite with the L21 structure (space group Fm-3m; a= 5.98 Å). The foreground graph in Fig. 1(b) shows that the M(T) curves measured upon heating and cooling cycles under magnetic fields m0H of 10 mT, 50 mT, and 1 T almost overlap; austenite shows a Curie temperature of 350 K. The thermal dependencies of the magnetic entropy change -ΔSM(T) for different m0ΔH values are shown at the inset of the figure; the curves are broad reaching a |ΔSM|max value of 2.3 Jkg-1K-1 at 3.0 T. The results are compared with those previously reported for bulk and melt-spun ribbons of the same composition 2,3.

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Investigation Of Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Nanocrystalline Pr0.57Bi0.1Ca0.33MnO3.

Investigation Of Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Nanocrystalline Pr0.57Bi0.1Ca0.33MnO3.

MMM 2022

Gurmeet Singh and 2 other authors

07 November 2022

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