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MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

Structural, Magnetic and Magnetocaloric study of Cr doped Gd3Fe5 x CrxO12, (0.0 ≤ x ≤ 0.3)

The rare-earth iron garnets R3Fe5O12 are important magnetic materials due to their ferrimagnetic property above room temperature. Some of them are potential candidate materials in magnetic refrigeration, which works on the magnetocaloric effect (MCE). Researchers have focused on improving the magnetic entropy change along with these garnet’s relative cooling power (RCP), primarily via doping strategies. This study reports the structural, magnetic, and magnetocaloric effect in Cr-doped Gd3Fe5-x CrxO12 garnet. The powder samples with a composition of Gd3-xRExFe5O12 ( x=0.0,0.1,0.2,0.25 and 0.3) were prepared via facile autocombustion method followed by an annealing process. The phase and structural properties obtained by using x-ray diffraction show samples are single-phase with cubic Ia3dsymmetry. The lattice parameter and cell volume decreased upon Cr3+ substitution because of the preferential occupation of smaller Cr3+ (0.615A) ions at the octahedral site of Fe3+ (0.645A) ions. All Cr3+ doped samples showed paramagnetic behavior at RT and ferromagnetic behavior at 6 K. The isothermal magnetic entropy changes, -ΔSM, was derived from the magnetic isotherms in a field up to 5T. The maximum magnetic entropy change, increased with Cr3+ substitution. The Cr3+ doped Gd3Fe4.75Cr0.25O12 sample exhibit a maximum value of (3.87 J kg-1K-1 ) which is ~ 1.8% higher than Gd3Fe5O12 (3.8 J kg-1K-1) sample. While the maximum relative cooling power value of 412 J kg-1 was measured for the x = 0.25 sample, which is ~ 6 % higher than Gd3Fe5O12 (389 J kg-1) sample. These values are relatively high and comparable to some noticeable magnetocaloric materials. The observed magnetic changes are ascribed to altered Fe-O-Fe bond angle and bond distances. Thus, based on these results, our samples are promising materials for magnetic refrigeration technology.

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Structural, Magnetic, and Magnetocaloric effect in Al doped HoCrO3.

Structural, Magnetic, and Magnetocaloric effect in Al doped HoCrO3.

MMM 2022

Jolaikha Sultana

07 November 2022

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