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MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

Structural, Magnetic, and Magnetocaloric effect in Al doped HoCrO3.

Abstract Link: https://www.mrs.org/meetings-events/fall-meetings-exhibits/2023-mrs-fall-meeting/symposium-sessions/presentations/detail/2023_mrs_fall_meeting/2023_mrs_fall_meeting-3953941

Rare-earth chromites (RCrO3) are an important sub-class of functional materials with interesting magnetic and magnetocaloric properties. These materials are a promising candidate for magnetic refrigeration applications as the Ho3+ ion owns a large magnetic moment of ~ 10.61μB. This study reports synthesis and magnetocaloric effect in rare-earth and aluminum-doped polycrystalline HoCrO3, Ho0.67Tm 0.33CrO3, and Ho0.67Gd0.33CrO3 orthochromites. The samples were synthesized via the facile sol-gel autocombustion method. The pure orthorhombic phases with space group Pnma have been confirmed by X-ray diffraction. The lattice parameter of the samples was calculated from the XRD pattern refinement. The lattice parameters and volume decreased with the Al3+ substitution as the ionic radius of Al3+ (0.535 A) is smaller than Cr3+ (0.615A). In addition, the FTIR spectroscopy confirmed the formation of the Ho–O bond, and Cr–O, and Cr–Cr bonds in all samples. Raman's study confirmed the stretching vibration mode of CrO6 octahedra near 580 cm-1. The magnetic measurement of compounds showed that the samples exhibit a transition below 20 K. Enhanced magnetization and increased magnetic entropy change, () from 6.50 J kg-1K-1 (HoCrO3 ) to 8.25 Jkg-1K-1 (HoCr0.5Al0.5O3) was observed in the field up to 5T. A variation in maximum entropy changes and relative cooling power is observed to be dependent on Al3+ substitution in the studied chromites which are related to changes in Cr3+-Cr3+ exchange coupling resulting from changes in the Cr1-O1-Cr1 bond angle and Cr1-O1 bond lengths respectively. To our knowledge, Al3+ doped HoCrO3 has not been reported in the literature. The studied Al3+ doped chromites have potential low-temperature magnetic refrigeration application.

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