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MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

The Study of the Three dimensional Vector Hysteresis Model based on the SAE model and Play operator

The hysteresis modeling of ferromagnetic materials in electrical equipment is one of the basic theoretical studies in the field of electrical engineering. In this paper, a three-dimensional vector hysteresis model is proposed based on Stacked Auto-Encoder (SAE) model and hysteresis operator space theory. Multiple 3D vector Play hysteresis operators are used to construct an hysteresis operator space to create the high-dimensional operator data. By the operator space, the nonlinear hysteresis relationship in the hysteresis data is transformed into a nonlinear mapping between the operator data and the output of the model. And the SAE model is used to characterize this nonlinear mapping. In the training of the SAE model, training set is composed of operator data and magnetic field strength data. The structure of the vector hysteresis model is determined by taking the output of the operator space as the input of the SAE model. The simulation results show that the model can effectively describe the nonlinear characteristics and anisotropic of the Soft Magnetic Composite under 3D vector excitation. In addition, this model has certain generalization ability.

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Study of temperature influences on the vortex chirality probability in asymmetric disk array

Study of temperature influences on the vortex chirality probability in asymmetric disk array

MMM 2022

+1Kao-Fan Lai
Kao-Fan Lai and 3 other authors

07 November 2022

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