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MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

Study of temperature influences on the vortex chirality probability in asymmetric disk array

We using Mumax3 to simulate a 5×5 asymmetric disk array. By changing the temperature, we explored the variety of energy during the evolution of the vortex and the probability of the vortex chirality. We also controled disc spacing to adjustment the magnitude of stray field . The material we used amorphous permalloy, simulation parameters were saturation magnetization 8.6x105 A/M, exchange length 13x10-12 J/m, damping constant 0.01, cell size 5x5x5 nm3, and temperatures changed from 0K to 300K. Geometric parameters were disk diameter 1000 nm, thickness 40 nm, asymmetric ratio 0.3, and disc spacing 200, 500 and 800 nm. In the previous research, vortex chirality seems to be related to a rise in total energy. When increase temperature will also increase the total energy in our simulation. We analyze the total energy, demagnetization energy and exchange energy separately then we finded the exchange energy increases significantly with temperature. It can be speculated that changes in temperature make the magnetic moments less parallel to each other, resulting in a significant increase in exchange energy and increase in the probability of CW vortices.
Arne Vansteenkiste, Jonathan Leliaert, Mykola Dvornik, et al. AIP Advances, 4, 107133(2014)
Mi-Young Im, Ki-Suk Lee, Andreas Vogel, et al. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 5:5620(2014)
Dustin A. Gilbert, Brian B. Maranville, Andrew L. Balk, et al. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 6 8462 (2015)
Mi-Young Im, Peter Fischer, Hee-Sung Han, et al. NPG Asia Materials 9 (2017)

Fig1. Clock-wise vortex probability.

Fig2. MOKE image of disk array.

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Reliable control of magnetic vortex chirality in asymmetrically optimized magnetic nanodisk

MMM 2022

+4Huanhuan Zhang
Huanhuan Zhang and 6 other authors

07 November 2022

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