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VIDEO DOI: https://doi.org/10.48448/pj41-g558

technical paper

MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

Spin Dynamics of Ferrimagnets Jointing Ferro and Antiferromagnets

Ferrimagnets (FIMs) can function as high-frequency antiferromagnets while being easy to detect as ferromagnets, offering unique opportunities for ultrafast device applications. While the physical behavior of FIMs near the compensation point has been widely studied, there lacks a general understanding of FIMs that allows us to freely vary the ratio of sublattice spins between the FM and the AFM limit. Such a generic picture can not only reveal the unique features not visible near the compensation point but also unifies the spin dynamics in FIMs with that in FM and AFM materials. Here we investigate the physical properties of a two-sublattice FIM manipulated by static magnetic fields and current-induced torques. By continuously varying the ratio of sublattice spins, we clarify how the dynamical chiral modes in an FIM are intrinsically connected to their Ferro- and Antiferromagnetic counterparts, which reveals unique features not visible near the compensation point.

1M. Guo, H. Zhang, and R. Cheng, Manipulating Ferrimagnets by Fields and Currents, Phys Rev B 105, 064410 (2022). 2C. Kim, S. Lee, H.-G. Kim, J.-H. Park, K.-W. Moon, J. Y. Park, J. M. Yuk, K.-J. Lee, B.-G. Park, S. K. Kim, K.-J. Kim, and C. Hwang, Distinct Handedness of Spin Wave across the Compensation Temperatures of Ferrimagnets, Nat Mater 1 (2020). 3J. Barker and G. E. W. Bauer, Thermal Spin Dynamics of Yttrium Iron Garnet, Phys Rev Lett 117, 217201 (2016). 4S. K. Kim, K.-J. Lee, and Y. Tserkovnyak, Self-Focusing Skyrmion Racetracks in Ferrimagnets, Phys Rev B 95, 140404 (2017).


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