Muhammad Abeer

Muhammad Abeer

Delaware State University

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DSU Summer Research Symposium 2021

TDP-43 Mice Model

Different studies show that TDP-43 plays a major role in association with other neurological diseases, however, we want to test why TDP-43 is a major factor. We injected a mouse with TDP-43 and injected another mouse with Alzheimer's Disease. The two mice were watched for more than over a month now. We used the mice's pellets to conduct the different tests we ran. We sonicatied the different mice pellets for a 1 min 20 minutes with a 5 sec pulse and 5 sec off cycle. Once the sonication was done, we transferred the sonicated pellets to the centrifuge machine which ran for about 35 minutes. Other graduate students began to compare results from these batches of pellets to the others that they tested to see the difference or similarities. These results showed us that the Alzheimer's disease mouse model that we developed over expresses pathological tau and TDP-43.


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