Sarah Abdellahi

Sarah Abdellahi

University of North Carolina Charlotte

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Sarah Abdellahi · ICCC'20

"ARNY: A Co-Creative System Design Based On Emotional Feedback "

In human-human collaboration, gesture, verbal communications, and emotional responses are among the communication strategies that shape the interactions between collaborators to negotiate the contributions. Emotional feedback allows human collaborators to passively communicate their stance about the experience and convey their perception of the process without distracting the flow of the task. In human-human co-creative collaboration, participants inter-act and contribute to the task based on their perception of the collaboration over time. In human-AI co-creativity, perceiving the cognitive and emotional state of the user in order to determine the dynamics of collaboration and decide what the agent should contribute to the artifact are two primary challenges of building effective co-creative Artificial Intelligence systems. This paper addresses these challenges with the design of a co-creative agent that can sense the user’s emotional state through facial expression.