Daniel Cardoso-Llach

Daniel Cardoso-Llach

Carnegie Mellon University

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Daniel Cardoso-Llach · ICCC'20

Paisajes distantes

Paisajes distantes is a networked audio-visual performance linking human and non-human soundscapes and visuals from two cities — Bogota, Colombia and Pittsburgh, US — captured during the COVID-19 quarantine period of 2020. Conceived as a dialogue between two urban auras in isolation, the piece juxtaposes dissimilar atmospheres including sounds and imagery of ferrovial systems, water canals, urban fauna, and domestic life. These form the substrate for a live performance comprising digitally processed and computer-generated sounds including layers of granular synthesis, heavily processed guitar sounds, and additional samples. The piece will be produced remotely and in real time by the artists — who are also distant from each other, each one in one of the two cities — through a networked music performance (NMP) system. In Coimbra, the performance will be preferably experienced as an ambient intervention in an open area. Accompanying the sound will be a video screen or projection with a split image displaying visuals collected during the lockdowns in the two cities. With these elements, the piece employs digital mediations to explore different conceptions of distance — social, geographic, and affective. Captured while in the midst of an unprecedented moment of personal and collective isolation, the sonic and visual materials give structure to an improvisational, networked digital music performance. Paisajes distantes thus reflects on the possibilities of new encounters, new forms of presence, and new modes of creative engagement shaped by the necessity of isolation and enabled by digital networks and computational processes.