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Bahar Amin

San Francisco State University

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Bahar Amin · PERC Summer Meeting 2020

Students' Sense of Belonging in Physics Labs

Students sense of belonging in science has been identified as a predictor for students motivation, self-efficacy, and persistence in the field, especially for historically underrepresented students. Previous studies have shown that students sense of belonging can be influenced by interpersonal relationships (with peers, the instructor, or the general environment), perceived competence, course content, and other factors. We have administered attitudinal surveys to STEM students taking introductory physics labs at a large, diverse, Hispanic-serving public university, from Fall 2018 to Spring 2020. Courses surveyed include: a two-semester algebra-based sequence targeted toward students in the biosciences, a three-semester calculus-based sequence targeted toward engineering, computer science and physical science majors, and a one semester conceptual physics course targeted toward kinesiology majors. By identifying factors that affect students sense of belonging in the lab, we hope to further inform how we as a physics community can create inclusive, supportive scientific environments.