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Hongning Wang

reinforcement learning


meta learning

machine learning

probabilistic models

human evaluation

online learning & bandits

adversarial learning & robustness

personalized text generation




I am an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science of University of Virginia. My research interest includes data mining, machine learning, and information retrieval, with a special emphasis on computational user behavior modeling. I graduated from the CS@UIUC in May 2014. My research group's homepage is at HCDM@UVa.


Stealthy Adversarial Attacks on Stochastic Multi-Armed Bandits

Zhiwei Wang and 2 other authors

Meta-Reinforcement Learning via Exploratory Task Clustering

Zhendong Chu and 2 other authors

COFFEE: Counterfactual Fairness for Personalized Text Generation in Explainable Recommendation

Nan Wang and 7 other authors

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