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Customize Underline to your needs

No one size fits all: every scientific, medical or professional conference is unique. So, we'll find which set of services fits you the best.

Offload the stress of organizing the event with our White-Glove Service; our team becomes an extended part of your team and gives you full support in hosting the event.

Scalable and fair pricing

Underline’s team comes from an academic background. We want to break the barriers of spreading knowledge, not break your budget. You’ll only pay for features that you use.

Captivate a global audience

Underline's virtual venue gives you global reach and provides actionable data about your audience's behavior during the conference.

Next time you're deciding which speaker to call, which topics to cover or which geo area to focus on: you'll be able to make a truly informed decision.

global audience

Attract leading speakers

Help speakers amplify their voice within the research community.

With Underline's speaker dashboard, all your speakers get insight into their audience, and they get a platform to engage with their peers.

Thanks for the excellent handling of the conference and keynote! Very impressive!

Thore Graepel

Google DeepMind
Thanks to the organising team. Great work! it was a difficult one to put together for sure and the final product looked really great.

Sarvapali D. Ramchurn

University of Southampton
Very impressive. I really enjoyed the professional moderation, the clear discussion with the questions also displayed as text, with the high quality talks.

Robert Riener

Sensory-Motor Systems Lab, IRIS, ETH Zurich

A venue with no limits

You can have as many live keynotes, lectures, technical sessions, posters and — attendees as you want. Use Underline to the maximum.

Raise post-event engagement

If you didn't host a live event on Underline, you could still let researchers explore past lectures through the digital library. It's your best advertisement for future attendance.

For live events, a digital library is an optional feature. You decide how long your lectures will be available.

digital library

Extend your event's visibility

Your every lecture will be a fully citable video publication.

We enrich your video lectures with abstracts, transcripts, multi-language translations, DOI numbers, MARC records and ancillary materials.


More impactful event

It needn't be a conference; we can help your workshop, webinar, or hybrid event get more registrations, wider audience, and more diversified revenue.

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