October 18th, 2022

Underline Science Announces the Launch of the World’s First Aggregation of Scientific Conference Presentations

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photpo Underline Science Announces the Launch of the World’s First Aggregation of Scientific Conference Presentations

Striving to lead the way in curating and aggregating the conference presentations from leading scientific conferences, Underline Science is pleased to announce the launch of our streaming video and poster presentation platform for institutional access: https://underline.io/library

Libraries are the cornerstone of information access and research material. As such delivering the Underline Science conference video collection for unlimited, institutional use is central to the Underline Science mission.

The Underline Science Library offers a truly academic viewing experience; this is no YouTube! Each conference presentation features searchable transcripts, citation tools, linked DOIs, abstracts, linked proceeding papers and posters, and a forum for ongoing discussion and collaboration between presenters and fellow researchers.

And the Underline site is now in full compliance with a range of recent American and Canadian accessibility guidelines, including WCAG and ADA guideline adherence.

With more than 25,000 presentations in the streaming product, our partners include The American Institute of Physics, Peking University, Wiley, The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and many more. It is important to note the Underline Science collection includes public access, open access, and premium content to honor the access aims and mandates of our scholarly publishing partners.

Streaming video platforms in the academic, public library, and corporate research market have typically focused on delivering content ranging from documentary film, to lectures, to visualized experiments, and short, instructional or informational content. Until now, no platform has sought to curate and aggregate presentations from scientific conferences around the globe.

“It is impossible for a researcher to attend every mission-critical conference,” noted David Parker, head of product for Underline Science. “And even if they could, accessing those critical conference presentations days, weeks, or months later has never been an option. At Underline Science we are filling an important gap in the scholarly communication information access landscape.”

Underline Science is leading the way in enhancing and supporting academic research access. By growing the scope of the scientific network and tapping into the global ecosystem of scientific conference presentations, Underline Science is supporting the search for information to support inquiry into some of the most pressing research challenges of our time. Join the community today.


— October 18th, 2022
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