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Towards Safer Operations: An Expert-involved Dataset of High-Pressure Gas Incidents for Preventing Future Failures | VIDEO

Minh-Tien Nguyen and 5 other authors

Bias and Debias in Code Search: Improve Search Results beyond Overall Ranking Performance

Sheng Zhang and 6 other authors

KD-Boost: Boosting Real-Time Semantic Matching in E-commerce with Knowledge Distillation

Sanjay Agrawal and 2 other authors

Reaction Miner: An Integrated System for Chemical Reaction Extraction from Textual Data

Ming Zhong

Quantifying the Dialect Gap and its Correlates Across Languages

Anjali Kantharuban and 2 other authors

Indicative Summarization of Long Discussions | VIDEO

Shahbaz Syed and 3 other authors

Where to start? Analyzing the potential value of intermediate models

Leshem Choshen and 4 other authors

Energy and Carbon Considerations of Fine-Tuning BERT

Xiaorong Wang and 4 other authors

Modeling Conceptual Attribute Likeness and Domain Inconsistency for Metaphor Detection

Yuan Tian and 3 other authors

Hierarchical Pretraining on Multimodal Electronic Health Records

Xiaochen Wang and 7 other authors

Multilingual estimation of political-party positioning: From label aggregation to long-input Transformers | VIDEO

Dmitry Nikolaev and 2 other authors

Gradually Excavating External Knowledge for Implicit Complex Question Answering

Chang Liu and 6 other authors

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