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Visually Grounded Continual Language Learning with Selective Specialization

Jae Hee Lee and 3 other authors

The Vision Thing: Finding and Pursuing your Research Passion

Raymond Mooney

Interacting with LLMs for Grounded Tasks

Daniel Fried

Large Language Models as Source Planner for Personalized Knowledge-grounded Dialogues

Hongru Wang

Scaling Neural ITN for Numbers and Temporal Expressions in Tamil: Findings for an Agglutinative Low-resource Language | VIDEO

Bhavuk Singhal and 3 other authors

Evaluation after the LM boom: Frustrations, fallacies andthe future

Adina Williams

Oral Presentation of CNS Model-Paper ID: 68 | VIDEO

Md Fahim

A Computational Interface to Translate Strategic Intent from Unstructured Language in a Low-Data Setting | VIDEO

Pradyumna Tambwekar and 4 other authors

Natural Language Learning via Interaction

Yoav Artzi

LongtoNotes: OntoNotes with Longer Coreference Chain

Kumar Shridhar

IntenDD: A Unified Contrastive Learning Approach for Intent Detection and Discovery

Bhavuk Singhal and 3 other authors

Evaluating Emotion Arcs Across Languages: Bridging the Global Divide in Sentiment Analysis

Daniela Teodorescu and 1 other author

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