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AAAI 2024

February 24, 2024

Vancouver , Canada

Adversarial Robust Safeguard for Evading Deep Facial Manipulation





The non-consensual exploitation of facial manipulation has emerged as a pressing societal concern. In tandem with the identification of such fake content, recent research endeavors have advocated countering manipulation techniques through proactive interventions, specifically the incorporation of adversarial noise to impede the manipulation in advance. Nevertheless, with insufficient consideration of robustness, we show that current methods falter in providing protection after simple perturbations, e.g., blur. In addition, traditional optimization-based methods face limitations in scalability as they struggle to accommodate the substantial expansion of data volume, a consequence of the time-intensive iterative pipeline. To solve these challenges, we propose a learning-based model, Adversarial Robust Safeguard (ARS), to generate desirable protection noise in a single forward process, concurrently exhibiting a heightened resistance against prevalent perturbations. Specifically, our method involves a two-way protection design, characterized by a basic protection component responsible for generating efficacious noise features, coupled with robust protection for further enhancement. In robust protection, we first fuse image features with spatially duplicated noise embedding, thereby accounting for inherent information redundancy. Subsequently, a combination comprising a differentiable perturbation module and an adversarial network is devised to simulate potential information degradation during the training process. These especially designs empower our method with good performance when fronting various perturbations. To evaluate it, we conduct experiments on four manipulation methods and compare recent works comprehensively. The results of our method exhibit good visual effects with pronounced robustness against varied perturbations at different levels.


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