technical paper

AAAI 2024

February 25, 2024

Vancouver , Canada

FlightBERT++: A Non-autoregressive Multi-Horizon Flight Trajectory Prediction Framework


app: transportation

temporal or spatio-temporal data

dmkm: mining of spatial

dmkm: applications

Flight Trajectory Prediction (FTP) is an essential task in Air Traffic Control (ATC), which can assist air traffic controllers in managing airspace more safely and efficiently. Existing approaches generally perform multi-horizon FTP tasks in an autoregressive manner, thereby suffering from error accumulation and low-efficiency problems. In this paper, a novel framework, called FlightBERT++, is proposed to i) forecast multi-horizon flight trajectories directly in a non-autoregressive way, and ii) improve the limitation of the binary encoding (BE) representation in the FlightBERT. Specifically, the FlightBERT++ is implemented by a generalized encoder-decoder architecture, in which the encoder learns the temporal-spatial patterns from historical observations and the decoder predicts the flight status for the future horizons. Compared with conventional architecture, an innovative horizon-aware contexts generator is dedicatedly designed to consider the prior horizon information, which further enables non-autoregressive multi-horizon prediction. Moreover, a differential prompted decoder is proposed to enhance the capability of the differential predictions by leveraging the stationarity of the differential sequence. The experimental results on a real-world dataset demonstrated that the FlightBERT++ outperformed the competitive baselines in both FTP performance and computational efficiency.


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