technical paper

AAAI 2024

Vancouver , Canada

Adversarial Socialbots Modeling Based on Structural Information Principles


socialbot modeling

structural information principles

reinforcement learning

The importance of effective detection is underscored by the fact that socialbots imitate human behavior to propagate misinformation, leading to an ongoing competition between socialbots and detectors. Despite the rapid advancement of reactive detectors, the exploration of adversarial socialbot modeling remains incomplete, significantly hindering the development of proactive detectors. To address this issue, we propose a mathematical Structural Information principles-based Adversarial Socialbots Modeling framework, namely SIASM, to enable more accurate and effective modeling of adversarial behaviors. First, a heterogeneous graph is presented to integrate various users and rich activities in the original social network and measure its dynamic uncertainty as structural entropy. By minimizing the high-dimensional structural entropy, a hierarchical community structure of the social network is generated and referred to as the optimal encoding tree. Secondly, a novel method is designed to quantify influence by utilizing the assigned structural entropy, which helps reduce the computational cost of SIASM by filtering out uninfluential users. Besides, a new conditional structural entropy is defined between the socialbot and other users to guide the follower selection for network influence maximization. Extensive and comparative experiments on both homogeneous and heterogeneous social networks demonstrate that, compared with state-of-the-art baselines, the proposed SIASM framework yields substantial performance improvements in terms of network influence (up to 16.32%) and sustainable stealthiness (up to 16.29%) when evaluated against a robust detector with 90% accuracy.


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