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October 16, 2023

Chicago, United States

Exploring the Influence of Hot-Wire Power Density on Wire Melting Behavior in Laser Directed Energy Deposition (L-Ded)





additive manufacturing

This study investigates the influence of wire preheating on the Laser Directed Energy Deposition (L-DED) process during material deposition. To achieve this, an induction wire heating system and a wire feeding system were integrated into a 10 kW fiber LASER on an experimental bench, and 1020 steel bars were used as specimens with ER70s-6 wire as the filler material. The depositions were performed to examine the effects of preheating and laser parameters on the strand characteristics. The deposition characteristics were analyzed using temperature measurements obtained from a thermographic camera, and a macrographic analysis was conducted to evaluate the penetration and bead width. The preliminary results of this study indicate that preheating with the induction heating system of the feeder enhance the stability in the dilution, width, and height profiles of single strands at temperatures around 450 °C and a wire speed of 0.8 m/min. The integrated equipment techniques also demonstrate the potential to improve the geometric profile of coating height for ER70s-6 samples. The findings of this study suggest that preheating of the wire using the induction heating system can significantly affect the L-DED process by improving the stability of the deposition profiles. Furthermore, the integration of the wire feeding system and the fiber LASER technology can enhance the overall process control, leading to improved deposition quality. These results contribute to a better understanding of the L-DED process and provide insights into the optimization of the process parameters for various materials and applications.

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Daniel Franz and 5 other authors

16 October 2023

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