Demand-Side Management Framework for Smart Cities

July 01, 2020 • Live on Underline

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Fabio Mentzingen

Instituto Infnet

One of the most critical issues in Smart Cities (SC) is how to use the energy system properly. The capacity to provide more detailed consumption information and more accurate consumer feedback is an essential step towards energy sustainability. On the end-user side, a system that supports the measurement of several points of consumption and provides visual information can help consumers reduce energy waste. On the other side, electric utilities can use a real-time measurement system to infer the energy consumption behavior, to find metering inconsistencies, to optimize the system, or to maintain the reliability of the supply system based on data information. This work presents a demand-side management Framework for smart cities which aims to provide integration between consumers and energy distribution utilities. %with prototype and proof of concept, This Framework can help the electricity demand control, presenting real-time consumption data and presenting relevant data on their consumption points to consumers. A prototype was developed as a proof of concept.

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