CORELA Collaborative Learning Environment for Electrical Engineering Education

July 01, 2020 • Live on Underline

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Dusan Gleich

Univeristy of Maribor

This paper presents the interim results of the ongoing CORELA Erasmus+ project. The aim of the CORELA project is to increase the effectiveness of electrotechnical engineering education and higher the attraction of the specific engineering field. The purpose of the project is to develop a common platform, which can be used in the education process at different levels of higher school education. The developed platform has different operation modes and can be used as a tool for analytical calculation and theoretical exercise. The platform has integrated different models of electronic components, which can be used on a simulation of the real scenarios. The most important future of the platform is real-time operation mode with the engagement of real measurement types of equipment and electronic components. With the capability of internet connection and exchange the data with the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, the system can be used for Remote Virtual Laboratories (VRL) and collaborative learning. A common MOOC and CORELA platform enable pupils to interact with each other in a manner to share their suggestion and experiences to solve exercise efficiently.

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