Combined Sustained Vowels Improve the Performance of the Haar Wavelet for Pathological Voice Characterization

July 01, 2020 • Live on Underline

Deborah Magalhaes-avatar-image

Deborah Magalhaes

Universidade Federal do Piaui

This presentation shows a study about the feasibility of combining sustained vowels for computer-based pathological voice characterization. Although recent work has shown that single sustained vowels enable accurate voice characterization, the literature lacks evidence about combining them. Here we propose a pipeline for pathological voice characterization and classification that encompasses a feature extraction method based on the Haar wavelet. We also evaluate the benefits of our pipeline when using an input signal that comprises three different sustained vowels instead of single ones. We conducted experiments on samples of sustained vowels /a/, /i/, and /u/ from two public datasets, exploring the wavelet decomposition levels in the range of 4 to 18.

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