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VIDEO DOI: https://doi.org/10.48448/q8kg-ty14

technical paper

MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

Axial Higgs mode detected by quantum pathway interference in RTe3

The observation of the Higgs boson solidified the standard model of particle physics. However, explanations of anomalies (e.g. dark matter) rely on further symmetry breaking 1calling for an undiscovered axial Higgs mode. In condensed matter, the Higgs was seen in magnetic, superconducting, and charge density wave(CDW) systems. Uncovering a low energy mode’s vector properties is challenging, requiring going beyond typical spectroscopic or scattering techniques. Here, we discover an axial Higgs mode in the CDW system RTe3 using the interference of quantum pathways. In RTe3 (R=La, Gd), the electronic ordering couples bands of equal or different angular momenta. As such, the Raman scattering tensor associated with the Higgs mode contains both symmetric and antisymmetric components, which can be excited via two distinct, but degenerate pathways. This leads to constructive or destructive interference of these pathways, depending on the choice of the incident and Raman scattered light polarization. The qualitative behavior of the Raman spectra is well-captured by an appropriate tight-binding model including an axial Higgs mode. The elucidation of the antisymmetric component provides direct evidence that the Higgs mode contains an axial vector representation (i.e. a pseudo-angular momentum) and hints the CDW in RTe3 is unconventional. Thus we provide a means for measuring collective modes quantum properties without resorting to extreme experimental conditions.


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Kab-Jin Kim and 8 other authors

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