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MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

A Novel Fault Tolerant Multi

I. Introduction
Hybrid-excited (HE) machine and fault-tolerant (FT) machine have attracted wide attention due to their several advantages, such as easy adjustment of air-gap magnetic field, high power density and high efficiency in wide speed range of HE machine, and reliability of FT machine 1-2. Nowadays, multi-tooth field modulated (MTFM) machines have become a research hotspot thanks to their capability of sufficiently utilizing harmonics to promote the average output torque 3. In this paper, to apply the advantages of HE machine and FT machine to MTFM machine, a novel hybrid-excited fault-tolerant multi-tooth field modulated (HEFT-MTFM) machine is proposed. The topology of proposed machine is shown in Fig. 1. To have lower demagnetization risk, parallel-hybrid-excited structure is adopted in the machine.
II. Electromagnetic Performance
The electromagnetic performances of HEFT-MTFM machine are presented in Fig. 2. It can be seen that regulating the magnitude of air-gap field by excitation windings can change the magnitudes of flux linkage, back-EMF and electromagnetic torque, and keep flux linkage and back-EMF good sinusoidal and also keep the magnitude of cogging torque and torque ripple small. In terms of the fault-tolerant capability, It can be observed from Fig. 2 (e) that the self-inductance of HEFT-MTFM machine is larger than that of traditional fault-tolerant field modulated machine by same motor size.
Overall, the proposed HEFT-MTFM machine exhibit good flux regulation capability, sinusoidal flux linkage and back-EMF, small cogging torque and torque ripple, short-circuit current restrained capability due to high self-inductance and magnetically isolated capability due to low mutual-inductance. The operation principle, machine optimization and more detailed performances including the loss of PMs and operation efficiency will be further discussed in the full paper.

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MMM 2022

+1Zichen Jin
Zichen Jin and 3 other authors

07 November 2022

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