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MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

A New Approach to Identify the Motor Vibration and Noise Dependent on Harmonic and FFT Transform

  1. Study Objective
    The vibration measurement is mainly used natural frequency and resonance frequency to predict the magnetic device operation status. These categories are the value of the predicted frequency. There are applicable the smart device induced as the motor, transformer, robot integration platform 1. This common feature is focused the electric motor device where is made by the electromagnetic silicon steel sheet. This study is used the magnetostrictive variation induced by the electromagnetic silicon steel sheet through the exciting power of the current and magnetic field which is to accelerate the vibration and noise variation. It is caused by the excitation of the core and coil. It can intercept the required characteristic signal, analyze the performance of dynamic magnetostrictive of ESS under DC bias and its complex dynamic anisotropy. The motors running under high-frequency conditions cause noise and vibration due to the interaction between magnetomotive forces (MMF) is concerned.
    2. Experiment Results and Discussion
    Regarding to the vibration frequency prediction as a multi-type classification problem, it uses the neural network features of deep learning to combine the input signal, as shown in Figure 1. That is classified into different categories. To use an optimized method with feedforward convolutional neural network, it can predict the frequency and analyze the AC and DC vibration frequency of the power motor and the non-fixed periodicity of the mechanical robot arm belong to different spectrum models. The sound pressure level is related to the sound intensity level (SIL). The conversion of voltage signal, current signal, and time domain and frequency domain FFT. As shown in Figure 2, to predict the vibration and sound module by using artificial intelligence method, it is verified the operating system through by measurement, numerical analysis and optimal calculation of NN method to identify the vibration and noise of the motor.

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MMM 2022

Chang-Hung Hsu
Chang-Hung Hsu

07 November 2022

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