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MMM 2022

November 07, 2022

Minneapolis, United States

Spin Nematic Liquid of the S=1/2 Distorted Diamond Spin Chain in Magnetic Field

The spin nematic order has attracted a lot of interest in the field of magnetism. It is a kind of multipole order of spins. The previous theoretical and numerical studies1-3 predicted that the spin nematic order would be induced by the frustration of the ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic exchange interactions, or the biquadratic interaction. The spin nematic order is characterized by the long-range four spin correlation and the two-magnon bound state. The previous numerical diagonalization and the finite-size scaling study had indicated that a two-magnon bound state can occur in the S=1 antiferromagnetic chain with the single-ion anisotropy under magnetic field4.The recent analysis of the critical exponents of the spin correlation functions5 suggested that this two-magnon bound state includes the spin nematic liquid phase, as well as the spin density wave (SDW) liquid one. The phase diagrams with respect to the anisotropy and the magnetization were obtained by the numerical diagonalization of finite size clusters. The same numerical analysis indicated that the spin nematic liquid phase appears in the magnetization process of the 1/2 spin ladder system with the anisotropic ferromagnetic rung interaction6,7.These systems would be able to exhibit the spin nematic liquid even without the frustration or the biquadratic exchange interaction.
In the present study, the S=1/2 distorted diamond spin chain is investigated using the numerical diagonalization of finite-size clusters. This system is a typical frustrated system. The recently discovered candidate material of this system, K3Cu3AlO2(SO4)4 called alumoklyuchevskite8, includes the ferromagnetic interactions. Thus we investigated the distorted diamond chain with the ferromagnetic interactions, as well as the coupling anisotropy. As a result we found that a two-magnon bound state appears in the magnetization process. We also discus about the spin nematic liquid behaviors.

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