AAA Annual Meeting 2021

November 18, 2021

Baltimore, United States

Analyzing the Ongoing Challenges in Nicaragua since the Civic Uprising of 2018: National and International Perspectives



higher education


This roundtable unpacks the current challenges facing higher educational institutions, civil society organizing, and Indigenous survivance in Nicaragua since the civic uprising in April 2018 and subsequent government repression and paramilitary violence since that time. A couple of the roundtable contributors will be discussing higher education in Nicaragua at the crossroads of neoliberal constraints and government limits on university autonomy in national and transnational perspective as well as the general human rights situation in Nicaragua; other contributors will share research about the challenges facing Indigenous, Afro-Indigenous, and Afro-descendant communities on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, an isolated region of the country with significant natural resource exploitation, outbound emigration, and vulnerability. In addition to contributions from Luciana Chamorro, Wendi Bellanger, Jose Idiaquez, Josh Mayer, Andy Gorvetzian, Jim Quesada and Serena Cosgrove, our roundtable will include discussant comments from Jennifer Goett; she'll provide comments on presenters' research against the backdrop of ongoing crisis in Nicaragua.


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