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VIDEO DOI: https://doi.org/10.48448/r3ba-7b09


AAA Annual Meeting 2021

November 18, 2021

Baltimore, United States

Critical Language Interpretation: Communicative Inequities in Medical, Legal, and Community Settings



social justice


While formal language interpretation within institutional settings is bound by strict protocol, the larger social context in which it occurs is largely rendered inert. Can communicative justice occur when interaction across language borders is thus abstracted? There are solid case studies contrasting what is expected of interpreters and what it is they actually do and encounter. Discussion also exists of what, under varying circumstances, is understood by culture, cross cultural or intercultural in the settings where language interpretation takes place. Frank comparative discussion of what may be the elements central to the development of communicative justice in language interpretation is nonetheless missing. Charles L. Briggs and Clara Mantini-Briggs brought to the fore the discussion of key structural and political economic factors at bay in communicative justice, in addition to having coined said term (2016). If a critical form of language interpretation that pursues communicative justice were to exist, what would it need to reveal that is currently under the radar? What would it call for, when, where, under what circumstances? Would communicative justice in institutional settings even be possible? This roundtable invites medical, legal, linguistic, cultural, and world anthropologists to inquire into and join in the analysis of the various communicative inequities that arise in language interpretation and the central elements these pose.


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