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VIDEO DOI: https://doi.org/10.48448/abn1-pm21

technical paper

AAA Annual Meeting 2021

November 18, 2021

Baltimore, United States

Embodied Movements: Outrage, Solidarity and Activism along Mexico's Arterial Border and Beyond




social justice

American Anthropological Association 2021 Panel Abstract Co-organizers: Catherine Panter-Brick and Rachel Farell Panel Title: “Solidarity and Outrage: Citizen Aid and Grassroot Humanitarianism” The concept of solidarity in context of crises often signifies commitment to a shared responsibility for addressing burdens, risks, dangers, and perils. However, recent ethnographic work on citizen aid, humanitarianism, and collective action have begun to consider the fiercer side of solidarity: activism, justice, resistance, and struggle. This face of solidarity is characterized by more than compassion and beneficence; rather, when united against forces of injustice, marginalization, and oppression, solidarity and humanitarian action can be productively fueled by outrage. This panel will interrogate the interplay between solidarity and outrage as motivators for grassroot action across a variety of global humanitarian contexts: at borderlands, in refugee spaces, in citizen aid and social justice initiatives. The presentations in this panel will propose a foundation for an anthropology of outrage as it analyzes the links between solidarity and moral indignation in grassroot humanitarianism, citizen aid, activism, and mobilization. It will progress anthropological discussions of the dimensions of solidarity in humanitarian and collective action, the use of outrage as an analytic, and the forces that propel solidarity beyond acts of compassion, pity, or moral obligation. Keywords: solidarity, anthropology of outrage, social justice, citizen aid, collective action


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