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AAA Annual Meeting 2021

November 18, 2021

Baltimore, United States

Growing up Palestinian: Childhood and Adolescence in the Israeli Settler Colonial Context

Special Event for AAA 2021 organized by CAE and MES The recent Israeli assault on Palestinians across all of the geographies of historic Palestine made visible to the international community the linked systems of structural oppression that cross all of the geographies of historic Palestine. This session is focused on the particular conditions of growing up Palestinian in the context of Israeli settler colonialism. Israel’s violation of the rights of children through direct military assault on children, and a vast system of detention of children without due process is horrendous and well-documented. Moreover, for decades, Israel has systematically violated the right of education by closing Palestinian schools and universities as a disciplinary mechanism. Palestinian citizens of Israel are subject to segregated schooling. This session brings scholars who work directly on issues affecting Palestinian children and youth across the geographies of historic Palestine together with scholars who consider similar issues in other contexts of settler colonialism and apartheid. This session is intended to highlight issues that are particular to the conditions of Palestinian children and youth, and their education, that should concern us as both anthropologists of education, and more broadly as ME anthropologists.


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