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AAA Annual Meeting 2021

November 18, 2021

Baltimore, United States

Contentiously Queer: Subverting the Norm and Engendering Marginalization




climate change

This paper takes a theoretical approach towards viewing climate change via a queer lens. By taking in multiple queer perspectives (the affirmational pessimism of Edelman (2004), the negating pessimism of Munoz (2009), and the affirmational optimism of Hall (2014) and Lear (2008)), this paper proposes that the Earth's future is queered through climate change. Arguing that the Earth has been made into a sinthomosexual through human action, we propose the Earth is inherently queer through the long and short-term effects of disasters, pollution, deforestation, and rising sea levels. However, we also suggest that the Earth's queer future is not all bleak, as the optimistic and unique perspectives that radical queer and crip scholars use may aid in battling the devastating effects of climate change by not only queering how we understand climate change, but how we respond to it as well.


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technical paper

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