Ellen Altermatt

Ellen Altermatt

Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College

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Ellen Altermatt · PERC Summer Meeting 2020

Teaching Experience, Community of Practice Beliefs, and Teaching Strategies Predict IPLS Course Effectiveness

In 2019, Living Physics Portal ( project leaders (NSF grant 1624185) in collaboration with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) administered a survey to physics faculty designed to document current pedagogical beliefs and practices in teaching introductory physics for life sciences (IPLS) courses. 383 instructors (out of 762 respondents) reported that they had, in the past two years, taught an IPLS course. We analyzed the beliefs of these instructors about the effectiveness of their IPLS courses in engaging students and examined predictors of differences in their perceived course effectiveness. We found that nearly half viewed their course as moderately effective in engaging students and there was considerable variability in respondents answers. Hierarchical regression analyses identified teaching experience, perceptions of belongingness to a community of practice, and self-reported teaching strategies as independent predictors of perceived course effectiveness. We will discuss our findings and their implications for the IPLS community.