Wendy K. Adams

Wendy K. Adams

Colorado School of Mines

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Wendy K. Adams · PERC Summer Meeting 2020

Faculty perceive they are more supportive than their perceptions may suggest...

To measure the impact of the Get the Facts Out project over time, we have engaged in a 5-year longitudinal study of both faculty and student perceptions of the teaching profession. We are collecting large scale quantitative data via survey instruments from ~60 physics, chemistry and math departments across the U.S. as well as visiting six of these universities so that we may collect qualitative data to better inform the survey data. In this presentation we will share the baseline data which shows a striking difference in perceptions between students who want to teach and those who do not. Additionally, this data reveals inconsistencies in faculty perceptions of teachers and their careers with faculty perceptions of students and how they advise them. Finally, insights from our site visits will be shared.