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Use of electronic nose technology in sarcoidosis

Introduction: Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous disease that can affect any organ. Diagnosis can be challenging and often requires tissue sampling; a non-invasive diagnostic method is lacking. Electronic nose (eNose) analysis is an emerging method for profiling exhaled volatile organic compounds. We aimed to evaluate whether eNose data could distinguish between sarcoidosis, other interstitial lung diseases (ILDs) and healthy controls, and between different phenotypes or clinical characteristics of sarcoidosis patients. Methods: In this cross-sectional single centre study, exhaled breath of outpatients with sarcoidosis was analysed using an eNose (SpiroNose). Clinical characteristics were collected from medical files. eNose sensor data were analysed with partial least square discriminant and ROC analysis. Regression analysis was conducted to correlate sIL-2R values with the main principal component. Results: 569 patients were included (252 with sarcoidosis, 317 with ILD) and 48 healthy controls. The mean age of sarcoidosis patients was 53.1±11.4 years, 53.2% was male, 61% never smoked, and 88.9% had pulmonary involvement. eNose data could distinguish sarcoidosis patients from healthy controls (AUC 1.00; Figure 1) and ILD patients (AUC 0.89). There were no differences in eNose data between sarcoidosis patients with or without fibrosis (AUC 0.60), immunosuppressive treatment (AUC 0.59), or pulmonary involvement (AUC 0.64). eNose data did differentiate the 1st and 4th sIL-2R quartiles (AUC 0.83; Figure 2). A moderate correlation of eNose data with individual sIL-2R values (r=0.32, p<0.05) was found. Conclusion: Exhaled breath analysis using eNose technology may be a novel diagnostic tool for sarcoidosis. No differences were found between different phenotypes of sarcoidosis.


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