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A 20-Year Roadmap for AI Research

Bart Selman
technical paper

Parameterised Verification of Strategic Properties in Probabilistic Multi-Agent Systems

Dominik Peters

Modern Architecture for Core Video Understanding

Jonathan Huang
live discussion

Machine Learning & Prediction

Gilson Antônio Giraldi and 7 other authors

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Karl Aberer

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Britt Adamson

Princeton University

João Gabriel Aleixo

TIM Brasil

Vasco Amaral

NOVA University of Lisbon

Alice Berger

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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If you read the media, if you read some business news, they say AI will solve everything. But even the scientific community, they state, if we achieve strong AI, if we solve intelligence, then we can solve everything else. But is this really true?12:54 This is nothing I say. If you look at the YouTube video which is...

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